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10 Expert Tips on How to Attract Recruiters on Linkedin

Posted by Phillip Jewell on

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for your career.

It can provide you with the perfect platform to attract potential employers to your professional profile. As such, this social network has a lot of registered recruiters searching around for the perfect candidate.

On LinkedIn, you have the power to customise your professional profile and online CV. With the right adjustments, behaviour and additions to your profile, you can directly appeal to those recruiters and earn yourself the right career move.

LinkedIn offers you the chance to build your personal brand, allowing you to express your professional persona that can stand out from others. You can list all your skills, accreditations, endorsements and employment history, with every bit of information available to recruiters if you so wish.

This online platform can hugely benefit your career if you invest time into it, giving yourself the best chance to attract profile views, influencers and employers. You can grow your professional network online, here, too. Many conversations, meetings and collaborations can easily happen through this tool.

Sometimes, to get your foot in the door, you need to speak to the right people. These company contacts can now be approachable on LinkedIn, with messages being sent out to them every day from hopeful professionals. This negates the need to spend hours finding the right contact and the right email.

This is a platform that can give you a real advantage over other candidates in the recruitment process, so you need to ensure that your profile is up to speed, optimised and caters toward your chosen career path.

We’ve got 10 actionable tips to help you attract recruiters on LinkedIn.

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