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6 Best Outplacement Services

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The ultimate guide to the best career transition services and outplacement providers, with advice on what to look for in career transition services and how to choose the best one for you.

If your business is making redundancies or undergoing significant restructuring, you’re probably thinking about using a career transition service.

Effective career transition services can help employees get back to work faster while boosting your company’s reputation and improving employee morale.

But which career transition services are the best? How do you choose a career transition service?

In this guide, we introduce you to six great career transition and outplacement services. We also show you what to look for in an effective outplacement service.

What are Career Transition and Outplacement Services?

Career transition and outplacement services refers to a range of support provided to exiting employees following redundancy and business restructuring. This usually includes job interview coaching, CV and resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, career counselling, skills training and group workshops.

Good career transition services usually provide on-site support during the redundancy process, from informing employees about redundancy to preparing them for their exit.

So, let’s take a look at the best career transition and outplacement services.

1. CV Nation

CV Nation are one of the leading career transition and outplacement services. All aspects of their career transition services are managed by their Managing Director, Neil Faragher.

CV Nation use a person-centred approach, working closely with each employee to provide a tailored, effective service that gets results.

CV Nation’s career transition and outplacement services include on-site support during various stages of the redundancy process. They also provide on-site workshops to get exiting employees prepared for the next stage of their careers.

Other services included in CV Nation’s career transition packages includes job interview coaching, CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing and monthly consultations.

2. Hays

Hays is a leading recruitment specialist. They offer career transition and outplacement services to companies of all sizes, from FSTE 100 companies to SMEs.

Hays’ career transition services include online and one-to-one coaching, group workshops, executive coaching, skills and personality testing, on-site assistance and redeployment support.

3. Randstad RiseSmart

Randstad RiseSmart is a sister company of Randstad Sourceright. Via their career transition and outplacement services, Randstad RiseSmart has helped large numbers of exiting employees land job faster.

According to Randstad Risesmart’s website, 83% of those who use their services land equal or better paying jobs.

When you use Randstad Risesmart’s career transition service, you have access to your own career coach, resume writer/brand builder and job sourcer.

4. Right Management

Right Management offers individual, executive and on-site group outplacement solutions. As stated on their website, Right Management has helped more than 3.5 million transition to new careers.

Right Management employ a flexible approach to outplacement, combining facilitated workshops, expert career coaching and self-directed learning to help employees transition to new roles.

5. Connor

Connor have over 25 years’ experience helping exiting employees land new roles and get back into work. They offer outplacement and career transition solutions to those at all levels of their careers, including senior executives.

Connor work with individuals for as long as it takes for them to get back into work. They don’t have time limits on the support provided.

6. HtR Outplacement

HtR Outplacement have helped thousands of redundant employees land new roles. They offer a ‘hands-on’ approach to outplacement. Their outplacement packages include CV writing, LinkedIn writing and job interview preparation.

All outplacement consultants at HtR Outplacement have over 25 years’ experience. HtR Outplacement’s packages range in price from $300 to $6,995.

What to Look for in Career Transition and Outplacement Services
On-Site Support

When choosing a career transition service, on-site support is one of the most important aspects to consider. Many career transition services don’t offer on-site support during the process of making employees redundant, instead simply providing support to employees after they have been made redundant.

Good career transition services should provide you with the option of having someone working alongside the HR department at various stages of the redundancy process, including when employees are informed of their redundancy.


When choosing a career assistance and outplacement service, you should also assess the number of services provided. Some services may only provide a limited number of services, while others will cover all aspects of outplacement.

A good suite of services should include job interview coaching, CV preparation, LinkedIn profile support, regular consultations, job search assistance and ongoing support.

Other important services to consider include group workshops. Group workshops are delivered on-site to provide exiting employees with the skills to navigate the job market and land new roles.

We hope you have found this guide to career transition and outplacement services helpful. Click here to learn more about our career transition and outplacement services.

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