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Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Actually Matter?

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LinkedIn Learning consists of over 16,000 courses that are designed to help you improve your capabilities and gain new skills. But do LinkedIn certifications matter? Is it worth undertaking LinkedIn Learning courses?

LinkedIn Learning certifications certainly do matter and they can play a key role in optimising your job search and improving your capabilities. Completing LinkedIn Learning courses and listing the certifications on your CV can draw attention to your skills and demonstrate your commitment to professional development. However, LinkedIn Learning certifications should usually not be considered as an alternative to industry standard certifications that are deemed essential.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a library of professional training courses, which are taught by expert practitioners. The platform includes over 16,000 courses in multiple languages.

LinkedIn Learning releases over 50 new courses every week, so there are plenty of options for professionals in all industries and professions.

The ultimate goal of LinkedIn Learning is to help users improve their skills, develop new capabilities and achieve their career goals.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining LinkedIn Learning Certifications?

Optimise your CV

LinkedIn Learning certification certificates can improve the effectiveness of your CV and show employers how you can make a difference.

By including them on your CV, you can demonstrate your skills and offer tangible evidence of your proficiency with the skills.

LinkedIn Learning training courses for soft skills are especially beneficial when included on your CV.

Showcase your soft skills

Taking LinkedIn Learning courses related to soft skills – such as organisation and time management – and adding them to your CV is a great way of showcasing your proficiency with the skills.

Simply stating that you possess soft skills on your CV, such as time management or organisation, isn’t very beneficial. This is because anyone can state that they have these skills; there is often no tangible evidence that you possess the skills.

However, highlighting LinkedIn Learning soft skill courses that you’ve completed will show recruiters that you’ve taken active steps to hone your soft skills. This, in a way, provides evidence of your proficiency with the soft skills in question.

LinkedIn learning courses are a fantastic way of making your CV stand out from the crowd when it comes to soft skills.

Improve your knowledge

LinkedIn Learning provides users with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and develop new, valuable skills.

You can choose from over 16,000 courses that range from Digital Marketing Foundations and Writing With Proper Punctuation to Learning Python and Project Management Foundations.

As such, LinkedIn Learning courses stand you in good stead to improve your knowledge and gain sought-after skills. If you’re looking to change career, progress in your role or simply become a better version of yourself, LinkedIn Learning’s courses can help you build the capabilities to get started.

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Including LinkedIn Learning certifications on your LinkedIn profile will bolster your profile and show other LinkedIn users what you can bring to the table.

Can LinkedIn Learning Certifications Replace Industry Standard Certifications?

In most cases, LinkedIn Learning certifications will not be acceptable as a replacement for industry standard certifications that are regarded as an essential requirement.

For example, if you’re looking to start a career in accountancy in the UK, can you undertake a LinkedIn Learning accountancy course instead of an AAT course? If the job you’re pursuing has stated that an AAT certification is an essential requirement, then probably not.

Of course, there are exceptions. But you should usually look at LinkedIn Learning certifications as a supplement to such industry standard certifications, rather than a replacement.


LinkedIn Learning certifications do matter and they can certainly add value to your CV and job search strategy. Completing LinkedIn Learning courses is a great way of showcasing your skills to potential employers, as well as your commitment to professional development. However, in most cases your LinkedIn Learning certification will not be accepted as a replacement for industry standards certifications that employers have indicated are an essential requirement.

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