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Does Outplacement Work?

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If your company is making redundancies, you’re probably thinking about using an outplacement service. But does outplacement actually work?

Outplacement does work. Good outplacement services will help exiting employees get back to work faster. This can minimise stress on exiting employees and improve organisations’ reputation.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a service provided to employees who have been made redundant to help them land new jobs.

Good outplacement services usually include job interview coaching, CV and resume writing, on-site redundancy support, LinkedIn support, career counselling, skills training and group workshops.

What is the Purpose of Outplacement?

Outplacement services are designed to provide benefits to both employers and exiting employees.

From an exiting employee’s perspective, the purpose of outplacement is to minimise the stress of the redundancy process and help them land a new job. From an employer’s point of view, the purpose of outplacement is to maintain their reputation and improve employee morale.

Redundancy can be highly stressful for employees. Using outplacement services is a great way of minimising the stress and ensuring employees transition to new roles seamlessly.

What are the Benefits of Outplacement for Organisations?

Improved Reputation

Using outplacement services can protect your company’s brand and improve your reputation. Simply letting employees go without investing in the next stage of their career can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation.

By using an effective outplacement service, your company can show that it truly cares about employees.

Improved Morale

When you show remaining employees that you have taken care of their exiting colleagues, you will improve the morale of remaining employees.

Redundancy has been known to cause low morale, and ultimately productivity, among remaining employees. Employing the services of an outplacement provider is a great way of combatting this.

Reduced Costs

Using the services of an outplacement provider can actually reduce costs. By getting redundant employees back to work quickly, you can avoid costs associated with severance.

What are the Benefits of Outplacement for Employees?

Reduced Stress

Redundancy is a very stressful process for employees. Effective outplacement services will take the stress out of redundancy by guiding them through the job search process and providing expert support.

Good outplacement services will usually involve having a professional on-site when employees are informed of their redundancy. This can significantly reduce stress as the outplacement professional can provide support and offer guidance on getting them back to work.

Land Jobs Faster

Effective outplacement services help employees land jobs faster. By utilising the outplacement service’s suite of services, employees will be in a good position to land new jobs.

What Does Outplacement Include?

When choosing an outplacement service, you should always determine the number and level of services provided. Some outplacement providers may provide only a small number of services, while others may provide a comprehensive suite of services.

Good outplacement services generally include job interview coaching, CV or resume writing, LinkedIn support, group workshops and regular consultations.


Outplacement services do work. They can be highly effective in helping exiting employees transition to new jobs quickly. Outplacement also benefits organisations by bolstering their reputation, improving employee morale and protecting their brand.

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