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Most resumes need to make an impression on hiring managers with 7 seconds. Is your resume strong enough to impress?

Our resume writers have written and reviewed thousands of resumes for people from all corners the United States and Canada. We know exactly what hiring managers and recruiters look for in resumes. As such, we're able to point out the ways in which your resume can be optimized for the today's competitive job market.

On average, recruiters spend between 5 and 7 seconds looking at each resume, before making a decision on whether to proceed with candidates' applications. With this in mind, it is vital that your resume is engaging and professional enough to grab the attention of recruiters within this time frame.

What does the free resume review include?

We will analyse and review your resume's content, structure, presentation, formatting, grammar, writing and visual attractiveness, as well as its compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS is a form of recruitment software, which filters and ranks resumes based on specific keywords. The review of your resume will also include actionable tips on how you can revamp your resume to improve your success in the job market.

Our resume reviews are carried out manually by our team of professional resume writers.

To receive your free resume review, please upload your resume in the form above. Although we prefer to receive resumes for review in Word format, we do accept all other formats including PDF.

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