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An icon of four letters, part of CV Nation's letter bundle. Includes a resignation letter, cover letter, job advert response letter and a thank you for job interview letter.

Letter Bundle

  • £ 49.00
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Our letter bundle is a package that will serve you well throughout your career. From looking for new jobs to leaving them, our letter bundle will ensure you are prepared for all scenarios.

What is included in our letter bundle?

  • A tailored or speculative cover letter for jobs
  • An application follow-up letter, to be provided after your job application
  • A thank you letter, which is to be sent after your job interview
  • A resignation letter. It pays to be prepared for all circumstances, and having a professional resignation letter at hand is something you might one day find valuable

Most people submit a cover letter with their CV when completing job applications, but few people send a follow-up letter afterwards. A professional follow-up letter shows that you are genuinely interested in the role and are not just applying for every job on the market.

Even fewer people send a thank you letter after their job interview. This is a great way to make a positive impression on the recruiter and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job.

All of our letters are bespoke and written from scratch. In certain cases, they could be tailored to specific positions or they might be more speculative.