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CV & Resume Proofreading Services

CV Nation's CV and resume proofreading service will make your CV or resume shine.

The importance of proofreading your CV or resume cannot be understated.

Mistakes, typos, bad grammar and general writing errors make you look unprofessional and can have an extremely negative impact on your job applications.

CareerBuilder conducted a survey of 1,138 hiring managers and HR managers. 77 percent of them stated that typos and bad grammar were instant deal breakers.

In a similar study, New College of the Humanities (NCH) interviewed 860 UK recruiters to learn about their biggest 'CV hates'. The study found that the biggest complaint of 59% of the recruiters was typos and grammatical errors.

As these and so many other studies indicate, proofreading is one of the most important aspects of CV and resume writing.

Here at CV Nation, we've written, edited, reviewed and proofread thousands of CVs and resumes.

When you use our proofreading service, you can submit your CV or resume in the knowledge that it's 100% error-free and much more likely to impress.

1 Page

Our CV and resume proofreading service for one-page documents.

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2 Pages

Our CV and resume proofreading service for two-page documents.

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3-6 Pages

Our CV and resume proofreading service for documents of between 3 and 6 pages.

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What Do We Do?

1. We receive your CV or resume.

2. We correct all errors that we come across, including spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. We may also make other changes, such as removing redundant words, tweaking unintelligible sentences and rectifying cases of incorrect tense.

3. We ensure your CV and resume is formatted and presented in a professional manner. This may involve editing margin sizes, line spacing, font sizes etc.

4. We highlight and comment on every change we implement in a duplicate 'tracked changes' version of your document.

5. We provide you with your new proofread and edited document, as well as your 'tracked changes' document, within five days (please include one of our express delivery add-ons with your order for faster turnarounds).

How it Works

Select the appropriate proofreading service based on your CV or resume's length, then place your order.

We will ask you to send us your CV or resume.

Receive your proofread and edited CV or resume within 5 days (or select our 24 or 6 Hour Express for faster completion).

Tracked Changes and In-Document Comments

When we have completed proofreading your work, we will provide you with two versions of your CV or resume. One will be the new version, with all errors rectified. The second version will be a 'tracked changes' document.

In the tracked changes document, every change we have made will be highlighted and explained.

We do this because we value transparency. We believe it's important that you understand exactly what we have done and why we have done it.

How Long Does it Take?

Standard turnaround for our CV and resume proofreading service is five days.

We offer 24-hour and 6-hour turnarounds at an additional cost. To ensure your document is proofread within 24 or 6 hours, purchase our '24-Hour Express' or our '6-Hour Express' in conjunction with the appropriate CV and resume proofreading service.

Express Add-Ons

Do you need your CV or resume proofread within 24 or 6 hours? If so, order one of our express add-ons with your proofreading service.

Please note, the 24-Hour Express and 6-Hour Express are add-ons to be purchased in conjunction with one of our proofreading services.

24 Hour Express Add-On
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6 Hour Express Add-On
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