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CV Examples

Like many others, you may find writing a CV from scratch to be a challenging task. Here, we provide a number of CV examples to help you write an effective CV. Use this guide, which covers style, design, structure and content, to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing the job you want.

The type of CV you use will vary depending on your profession and the industry you are targeting. Your approach to CV writing will also depend on your level of experience and your skill set. Our advice and CV examples will help to ensure your CV is tailored to your professional profile and optimised for your profession.

Below, we have included CV examples for: finance & accountancy CV and cabin crew CV.

Finance and Accounting CV Example

Why this is a strong Finance and Accounting CV

  • The main objective of finance and accounting CVs is to demonstrate your ability to manage financial operations, as well as your experience doing so. In the professional profile, we instantly draw attention to the candidate's experience managing financial operations for Fortune 500 companies. Following this, we go into the successes he has had in recent times. Drawing attention to the most important information ensures this finance and accounting CV makes an instant impact.
  • As with CVs for many other professions, finance and accounting CVs greatly benefit from the use of figures, data and statistics. In this CV example, we have used numbers to demonstrate how the candidate can add value. For example, instead of simply stating that he improved productivity, we specifically state that he increased productivity by 8%. Using numbers in this ways provides quantifiable evidence of how you can add value.
  • The core competencies section boasts the candidate's key skills in an easy to read manner. Note that we haven't included a huge amount of skills here. If we included his full skill set, the CV would be become cluttered and the key information would become difficult to locate.
  • The CV is achievement-driven. It doesn't take a great deal of time studying this CV to realise that the candidate has a proven track record of improving processes.

If you would like further assistance with writing your finance and accounting CV, feel free to get in touch with our CV writers.

Cabin Crew (Flight Attendant) CV Example

Why this is an effective Cabin Crew CV

  • Unlike CVs for other positions, cabin crew CVs should include a photo. The photo in this CV is a clear head and shoulders shot. The candidate's smile gives off a friendly demeanor, which instantly creates a positive impact.
  • The specific details that are required for cabin crew roles are clearly visible at the top of the CV. Some airlines require members of the cabin crew to be a certain height and some have a minimum arm reach (while standing on tiptoes). As with height requirements, some airlines don't employee Flight Attendants who are under the age of 21. As such, these are key details that the recruiter needs to see, so we've made them easy to locate.
  • The Professional Profile is tailored to cabin crew roles. It provides evidential details about her customer service and communication; highlighting her public speaking experience authenticates her ability to communicate.
  • The CV is short and concise. When you're attempting to secure a cabin crew role, chances are you will be attending an airline's open day. There will be hundreds or even thousands of people attending these events, so the recruiter won't have long to study your CV. As this CV is short, easy-to-read and well-presented, the reader can find the key information in a matter of seconds.

To learn more about how to write a strong cabin crew CV, visit our comprehensive article on the topic.

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