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CV Examples

14 professional CV examples and templates you can use today

Like many job-seekers, you may find writing a CV from scratch to be a challenging task. To help you out, we've prepared 14 CV examples that you can use now to enhance your job search.

Use these CV templates and examples, as well as our helpful guides - which covers style, design, layout, structure and content - to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing the job you want.

Your approach to CV writing will vary depending on your profession and the industry you are targeting, so we have included good CV examples for multiple industries and professions. Your approach to CV writing will also depend on your level of experience and your skill set. For this reason, we've included CV examples for various career levels, from assistant CVs to senior leader CVs.

All of the CV examples on this page can be used today to optimise your job search.

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Project Manager CV Example

Why is this a good project manager CV?

Project management is a diverse profession, with various specialisations such as IT project management and construction project management.

But whatever area of project management you operate in, your CV has the same objective: to show that you have experience managing all stages of the full project lifecycle and deliver projects to high standards. This CV showcases Mara's ability to do exactly that. The CV shows how she successfully delivered the projects she worked on, despite the roadblocks she encountered.

Why else is this a good project manager CV?

- The professional profile demonstrates her project management experience, drawing attention to the large-scale projects she has managed and the fact that she operated across multiple countries.

- The key skills sections also demonstrate her capabilities to deliver projects in line with quality standards and timescales. It highlights a selection of some of the most valuable skills for project managers: stakeholder management, risk management, business transformation and proficiency with Agile methodologies.

- This CV example focuses heavily on her key achievements. Achievements such as delivering major cost savings show hiring managers that she is capable of adding significant value.

- The CV includes an enticing headline, which grabs the attention of the reader. When recruiters have hundreds of CVs to analyse, it's important to make a quick impact. In this sample, this is quickly achieved with a headline that stands out.

Finance and Accounting CV Example

Why this is a good Finance and Accounting CV

The main objective of finance and accounting CVs is to demonstrate your ability to manage financial operations, as well as your experience in doing so. This CV provides tangible evidence of the candidate's experience and skill set by offering achievements and examples of times he has demonstrated specific skills.

Why else is this a good finance and accounting CV?

- In the professional profile, we instantly draw attention to the candidate's experience managing financial operations for Fortune 500 companies. Following this, we go into the successes he has had in recent times. Drawing early attention to this important information ensures this finance and accounting CV makes an instant impact.

- As with CVs for many other professions, finance and accounting CVs greatly benefit from the use of figures, data and statistics. In this CV example, we have used numbers to demonstrate how the candidate can add value.

For example, instead of simply stating that he improved productivity, we specifically state that he increased productivity by 8%. Using numbers in this ways provides quantifiable evidence of how you can add value.

- The core competencies section boasts the candidate's key skills in an easy to read manner. Note that we haven't included a huge amount of skills here. If we included his full skill set, the CV would be become cluttered and the key information would become difficult to locate.

- The CV is achievement-driven. It doesn't take a great deal of time studying this CV to realise that the candidate has a proven track record of improving processes.

If you would like further assistance with writing your finance and accounting CV, feel free to get in touch with our CV writers.

Retail Assistant CV Example

Why this is a good Retail Assistant CV

A good sales CV should demonstrate your ability to grow sales within a company while highlighting your experience in sales environments. That's exactly what this Retail Assistant's CV does. It starts off by drawing attention to the candidate's sales experience and touches on her track record of exceeding sales targets. Her sales successes and achievements are showcased throughout the CV, showing the reader how she could potentially add value to their company by generating sales.

Why else is this a good retail assistant CV?

- The CV uses numbers. Numbers greatly improve all CVs, but none more so than sales CVs. Numbers provide specific examples and evidence of candidates' sales capabilities. For example, in this CV example, the candidate states that she 'Generated 64k in sales for the year 2017'. This provides solid evidence of her ability to excel in sales roles.

- The CV focuses on a number of key skills that recruiters look for in Retail Assistants. Cash management, stock control and product rotation are all great skills that the CV draws attention to. These are much more valuable than soft skills, such as 'organisation', which can't be backed up.

- The CV focuses on the candidate's customer service qualities, which is a highly sought after skill. Note that the candidate doesn't simply list 'customer service' as a skill, but provides specific examples of times she has demonstrated her customer service skills throughout her career summary.

Operations Manager CV Example

Why this is a good operations management CV

Operations managers oversee all operational aspects of businesses while executing initiatives to enhance productivity, profitability and performance. As such, good operations management CVs demonstrate applicants' ability to effectively lead and improve organisations.

This operations management CV example articulates the applicant's ability to do this by focusing heavily on her achievements as an operations manager.

Why else is this a good operations management CV?

- The CV is very concise. The applicant has included only her best achievements, leaving out redundant descriptions of her duties. This ensures the focus of the reader is fixed on her strengths.

- The applicant uses icons and images to highlight her accomplishments and expertise. Notice how she uses an image to show her international experience. This is a very simple way of communicating this valuable information to hiring managers.

- The use of strong action verbs makes a more powerful impact on hiring managers and recruiters. Action verbs such as engineered, positioned and transitioned ensure her achievements stand out.

- The CV design is simple, engaging and attractive, which makes for a pleasant reading experience.

Click here to view this operations management CV template.

Bartender CV Example

Why this is a good bartender CV?

This bartender CV example does a great job of communicating what makes the candidate stand out from the crowd. It achieves this by showcasing the candidate's unique bartending skills, such as her ability to create her own cocktail recipes and use the 'flaming' cocktail-making technique.

When CVs highlight what makes candidates unique in this way, they make a much stronger impact.

Why else is this a good bartender CV?

- The CV uses two columns on the first page. This enables the candidate to make multiple sections the focal point of the CV, including the professional profile, key skills and work experience section. The CV achieves this as all of these sections are instantly visible to the reader upon opening the document. If the CV used only one column, some of these sections would end up further down the page or on page two.

- The CV uses colour sparingly to highlight key information and improve the reading experience.

- The work experience section is brief, touching on only the key duties and achievements for each role.

Hotel Manager CV Example

Why this is a good hotel management CV

The main objective of a hotel management CV is to demonstrate candidate's senior hospitality experience and their ability to manage fast-paced hotel operations. This CV draws instant focus to the hotel manager's experience managing large resorts.

All sections of this CV also highlight the candidate's broad experience in business management and operations management, key skills required for hotel management roles.

Why else is this a good hotel management CV?

- The CV uses numbers and data to articulate the hotel manager's achievements. For example, notice how he states that he 'improved room occupancy by 12%'. This provides tangible evidence of his ability to improve hotel performance.

- The professional profile at the top of the CV highlights the key aspects of the hotel manager's skill set while outlining his passion for customer service. Great managers often have a passion for improving the customer experience, so it's important that this comes across in your CV.

- The core competencies section touches on a number of skills that are vital in hotel management, such as operations management and budget management. Presented in a professional manner, this section instantly articulated the hotel managers capabilities.

- The career summary in this CV sample is concise and polished. It outlines only the key information, duties and achievements. After reading these sample sections, it is clear to see that the person is a highly capable hotel manager.

Teacher CV Example

Why is this a good teacher CV?

This teacher CV illustrates the teacher's unique value proposition (what makes her unique). In this case, the teacher's unique value proposition is her ability to improve exam performance.

This is demonstrated in the CV's professional profile and the career summary's key achievements section.

Why else is this a good teacher CV?

- The CV makes use of powerful verbs, such as enriched, authored and fostered. Powerful verbs bring writing to live and make a stronger impact on readers.

- The CV used double columns on the first page. This enhances the CV's reading experience and enables the reader to easy scan between multiple sections.

Chef CV Example

Why this is a good chef CV

Effective chef CVs demonstrate the applicant's passion for cooking and the culinary arts, as well as their experience and expertise as a chef. This CV example wastes no time in doing exactly that. The initial summary focuses on the chef's experience in five-star hotels, as well as her enthusiasm for cooking.

After reading this chef's summary, hiring managers would understand the she is capable of managing operations in fast-paced kitchens. They would also have learned that the chef is very passionate about her job.

Why else is this a good chef CV?

- The CV clearly shows the type of cuisines the chef specialises in - Italian and Spanish. It also draws attention to key skills that are required of chefs, including kitchen management, regulatory compliance and menu development.

- The CV makes the chef stand out from the crowd by showcasing her achievements. Her achievements are bolstered by the use of numbers, which back them up.

- The CV has a hard-hitting headline, which provides the reader with an overview of the chef's senior experience.

- Colour is used sparingly in this CV to clearly separate sections and draw attention to key areas. Colour can improve the effectiveness of CVs when used subtly.

Electrician CV Example

Why this a good electrician CV

Effective electrician CVs articulate candidates' ability to complete electrical installations, repairs and maintenance activities to high standards while showcasing their formal training.

The professional profile in this electrician CV sample ensures the candidate comes across as someone who is adept at delivering electrical projects to high standards. It also makes the reader aware of his broad experience across various areas of the profession.

Why else is this a good electrician CV?

- The key skills sections highlights a number of skills that are vital for electricians, such as quality control, testing & inspection and regulatory compliance. While this section doesn't include all of the candidate's skills, it does ensure the reader is aware of his core competencies.

- This electrician CV example includes numerous achievements, articulating the electrician's ability to save money for employers and complete projects within strict time frames.

- The CV uses colour to draw attention to key pieces of information, such as areas of expertise and achievements.

Cabin Crew (Flight Attendant) CV Example

Why this is a good Cabin Crew CV

Cabin crew CVs or flight attendant CVs need to show your experience in customer-facing environments, ideally as a flight attendant. Notice how this CV focused heavily on her customer service skills in all key sections.

Why else is this a good cabin crew CV?

- Unlike CVs for other positions, cabin crew CVs should include a photo. The photo in this CV is a clear head and shoulders shot. The candidate's smile gives off a friendly demeanor, which instantly creates a positive impact.

- The specific details that are required for cabin crew roles are clearly visible at the top of the CV. Some airlines require members of the cabin crew to be a certain height and some have a minimum arm reach (while standing on tiptoes). As with height requirements, some airlines don't employee Flight Attendants who are under the age of 21. As such, these are key details that the recruiter needs to see, so we've made them easy to locate.

- The Professional Profile is tailored to cabin crew roles. It provides evidential details about her customer service and communication; highlighting her public speaking experience authenticates her ability to communicate.

- The CV is short and concise. When you're attempting to secure a cabin crew role, chances are you will be attending an airline's open day. There will be hundreds or even thousands of people attending these events, so the recruiter won't have long to study your CV. As this CV is short, easy-to-read and well-presented, the reader can find the key information in a matter of seconds.

To learn more about how to write a strong cabin crew CV, visit our comprehensive article on the topic.

Acting Resume Example

Why this is a good acting resume

A resume is an actor's calling card. It should attract the interest of casting directors and encourage them to consider candidates for roles. This resume sample works because it showcases the actor's film, television and threatre credits in an easy-to-read manner while providing evidence of the actor's capabilities in the training section.

Why else is this a good acting resume?

- This acting resume follows the very specific industry standards for resume writing. The formatting, layout and content has been prepared in line with the exact expectations of casting directors.

- The resume is professionally formatted. The sections are evenly aligned and there spacing is consistent. This indicates professionalism.

- This acting resume sample includes the candidate's personal information - height, weight and hair colour - which is a requirement on acting resumes

- The special skills section in the resume offers key aspects of the actor's skill set that are highly sought after by casting directors, such as accents and marital arts proficiency.

For further information on writing the perfect acting resume, take a look at this in-depth guide we wrote on how to write an acting resume.

Music CV Example

Why this is a good music CV

The main focus of music CVs should always be the musician's performance experience. The performance experience should be split up into sections based on the type of music performed.

In this musician CV example, the candidate's performance experience is highlighted clearly and concisely. The reader can easily see what type of music the musician specialises in.

Why else is this a good music CV?

- The CV contains a powerful professional profile that sells that candidate by showcasing his experiences and skills. This sets him apart from the competition and provides him with a greater chance of securing roles.

- At one page in length, the CV is concise and easy to read. The key information can be located in a matter of seconds, which makes for a pleasant reading experience.

- The key skills section uses icons to demonstrate the musician's proficiency with musical instruments. This enables the reader to gain a precise measure of the musician's skill set.

Leadership/Management CV Example

Why this is a good leadership/management CV?

The best leadership/management CVs clearly demonstrate candidates' ability to achieve success via outstanding leadership. This CV example shows the candidate's ability to do this in abundance, articulating his successes and career highlights in a concise, easy-to-read manner.

Why else is this a good leadership/management CV?

- The CV uses only a small number of bullet points for each job post. This makes the achievements stand out as the content is easy to follow.

- The example CV uses separate sections dedicated to the candidate's achievements, which provides tangible evidence of his ability to exceed performance objectives.

Software Developer CV Example

Why is this a good software development CV?

Effective software development CVs should illustrate candidates' technical skills in an easy-to-follow manner. This CV shows the software developer's technical skills in a dedicated skills section on the first page. The career summary also highlights key technologies used for each job post.

This enables the reader to quickly get a feel for the software developer's skill set.

Why else is this a good software development CV?

- The CV articulates the software developer's ability to add value to employers by showcasing how her technical activities delivered results.

These CV examples and templates will give you an idea of how to write your own CV. If you feel you could benefit from further assistance, feel free to explore our Premium CV writing package. Or view 27 of our great CV templates.

Please note, these CV examples and resume examples do not contain sensitive personal information. These are CV samples only and any names and details are entirely fictional.