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CV Examples

No two CVs will ever be the same in terms of content, but the styles might be similar. Below are a few CVs that have helped our clients secure positions in the past.

As you can see, the first CV focuses on the client's capabilities and achievements. This reason this CV was very effective for the client was simple: it brought the client's vast range of skills and achievements to the attention of the recruiter within a matter of seconds. The first page is all about marketing the client, and we did this with specific facts and figures.

The second CV - the classic reverse chronological CV - works because it tells the client's career story while highlighting his career progression. Successful career progression within one company over the course of 20 years was the client's strongest selling point, so that was what we focused on. Like the first CV, it demonstrates his achievements and skills, but it does it while drawing attention to his strongest assets.

The third CV was created specifically for networking at a careers event. It is short, concise and it outlines short snippets of information that demonstrate the client's ability to add value. Anything that wouldn't make in instant impact was avoided. This concise style of CV enabled the client to generate meaningful connections with and exciting career opportunities.

Cabin Crew (Flight Attendant) CV Example

Why this is an effective Cabin Crew CV

  • Unlike CVs for other positions, cabin crew CVs should include a photo. The photo in this CV is a clear head and shoulders shot. The candidate's smile gives off a friendly demeanor, which instantly creates a positive impact.
  • The specific details that are required for cabin crew roles are clearly visible at the top of the CV. Some airlines require members of the cabin crew to be a certain height and some have a minimum arm reach (while standing on tiptoes). As with height requirements, some airlines don't employee Flight Attendants who are under the age of 21. As such, these are key details that the recruiter needs to see, so we've made them easy to locate.
  • The Professional Profile is tailored to cabin crew roles. It provides evidential details about her customer service and communication; highlighting her public speaking experience authenticates her ability to communicate.
  • The CV is short and concise. When you're attempting to secure a cabin crew role, chances are you will be attending an airline's open day. There will be hundreds or even thousands of people attending these events, so the recruiter won't have long to study your CV. As this CV is short, easy-to-read and well-presented, the reader can find the key information in a matter of seconds,

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