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LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Build a professional brand on LinkedIn

Do you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, build valuable new connections and open the door to exciting career opportunities?

Do you want to get your LinkedIn profile ranking highly on LinkedIn and search engines?

Do you want to generate more traffic to your LinkedIn profile and receive a multitude of daily inquiries from recruiters?

Our LinkedIn profile writers can help you maximise LinkedIn by creating you a high-quality LinkedIn profile.

With over half a billion people using LinkedIn and over 93% of recruiters crawling its pages to recruit new staff, LinkedIn is the world’s leading social networking site for professionals. There is huge scope to leverage LinkedIn in order to generate valuable connections and secure exciting job opportunities.

But most people don’t utilise LinkedIn to its full potential.

The majority of recruiters land on users' profiles, then leave without pursuing the individual further.

According to a recent study in which 24,570 fictitious CVs were submitted for online applications, those with an extensive LinkedIn profile were found to be 71% more likely to receive callbacks for job interviews than those without an extensive LinkedIn profile.

However, those with a 'bare-bones' or limited LinkedIn profile were found to be less likely to receive a callback for job interviews than those with no LinkedIn profile whatsoever.

Why is this? Why are weak LinkedIn profiles so damaging to your job search?

Because weak LinkedIn profiles make applicants look unprofessional and unqualified for the job.

When you apply for positions, you can be sure recruiters will end up on your LinkedIn profile - or at least attempt to find your LinkedIn profile. If they're not impressed, you're application is much more likely to end up in the no-pile.

As such, having an optimised, compelling and professional LinkedIn profile is more important than ever.

How our LinkedIn profile service gets results

- We create you a professional brand on LinkedIn

- We help you develop a professional network by providing your LinkedIn profile in a 'how-to' guide, with helpful tips and advice

- We implement effective calls to encourage LinkedIn users to get in touch with you

- We illustrate your unique value proposition to show what males you unique

- We produce engaging content that makes a powerful impact on LinkedIn users

- We improve the chances of your profile being found by recruiters and potential employers

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