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Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Tailored, effective outplacement services and career transition assistance that get personnel back into employment.

Is your company making redundancies or moving employees on?

Is your company seeking outplacement services that transition individuals to new positions quickly and efficiently?

Do your employees need world class career transition support?

Our outplacement support and career transition services can help you. Through our bespoke outplacement services, we are committed to providing the most effective support to employees who have been made redundant or who are moving on in their careers.

Our career transition specialists are experts in their sphere, with extensive experience in career development, HR and recruitment. We are specialists in over 150 industries and we have a breadth of experience in both the private sector and public sector. As such, we are optimally-equipped to get transitioning employees into new employment in the fastest possible times.

Specialising in outplacement for employees at all levels, from entry level staff to executive-level professionals, our packages are guaranteed to work.


Our career transition services are ongoing, lasting between six months and one year. This enables us to adapt and alter our approach as we progress while ensuring we deliver the results that clients really want.

We are happy to tailor our packages to individual requirements, providing either all aspects of our packages or as little as one individual service - such as CV writing.

What's Included in our Outplacement Support Packages?

- On-site support

- Job interview coaching and training

- Career counselling and career advice

- Professional CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing and cover letter writing

- 6 or 12 months of ongoing career transition assistance

- On-site group workshops

- Monthly consultations with a dedicated outplacement consultant/career transition specialist

Why Use our Outplacement Service?

Our person-centered approach to outplacement enables us to develop strategies that work. We don't employ the traditional conveyor belt approach to outplacement, meaning we can focus our strategies on what works on an individual basis.

We get to know our clients on a professional level and implement job seeking strategies that work for them.

We are also active in individual's job seeking on a continuous basis, from leave of employment to securing new employment, and beyond if necessary. Our objective isn't just to get individuals into employment, it is to achieve their professional goals.

This is why we offer an ongoing 12 or 6 month service, which enables us to identify our client's requirements and adapt as we learn more about their specific needs.

We leave no stone unturned.

Unlike most outplacement service providers, we actually write the career documents that get personnel into employment. Whether it is a CV or a job application form, our seasoned career specialists produce each document from scratch.

Our Outplacement Consultants are passionate about getting people the job they want. Our brand was built on this passion and we have since gone on to facilitate the career advancement of individuals across all industries and job functions via our bespoke outplacement and career assistance services.

To this end, we are perfectly suited to provide individuals with everything they need to transition to the next stage of their career.

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Why Are our Outplacement Services Effective?

Tailored to the requirements of modern day job markets and individual requirements, our outplacement strategies are highly effective for individuals at all levels of their career, largely due to the fact that our packages are individual, flexible and person-focused.

This means we can develop the necessary strategy to deliver results on an individual basis. These strategies involve complex career analysis and the development of goals and priorities.

In order to ensure we deliver our strategies in line with the modern-day recruitment practices and markets, out outplacement consultants conduct regular evaluations and research to maintain our job market intelligence. We also identify and study emerging job opportunities and employment trends to ensure we are perfectly suited to deliver the best results for our clients.

How Can Our Outplacement Services Help Your Company?

Redundancy can be an extremely difficult process for both companies and employees, but it is vital that this change is managed effectively. Maintaining and bolstering your the reputation is vital, as is raising the morale of remaining employees.

With CV Nation's effective outplacement packages, you can demonstrate your care for your employees by enabling leaving personnel to secure new, prosperous roles.

Our aim is to ensure a smooth, efficient transition process for both employees and companies. We endeavour to preserve the reputation of our clients by supporting their employees and ensuring they maintain a positive mind set.