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Legal Proofreading Services

CV Nation's legal proofreading service is a must-have resource for lawyers, solicitors, law firms and legal students in the UK and across the world.

Legal professionals write large amounts of material every day. It's a major part of their job and always will be. And it's very important that such legal material is completely error-free.

Grammatical errors, typos, spelling mistakes, confusing sentences and general writing errors can be very problematic in the legal world. They give the reader an unfavourable impression of the writer, and they can even have a significantly negative impact on legal proceedings.

There have been numerous cases in which attorneys have been reprimanded and forced to pay court costs due to poor legal writing. In these cases, the writing was described as unintelligible due to typos and grammatical errors.

Poorly written legal documents that include grammatical errors and typos indicate a lack of professionalism and attention-to-detail. For legal professionals, this is not an impression they want to give off.

However, many lawyers and solicitors simply don't have time to proofread their work.

That's where legal proofreading services, such as CV Nation, can be highly beneficial. We make sure your documents are in immaculate condition, void of errors, and properly formatted and presented.

0 - 1,000 Words

Our legal proofreading service for documents with word counts of 1,000 or less.

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1,000 - 2,000 Words

Our legal proofreading service for documents with word counts of between 1,000 and 2,000.

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2,000 - 4,500 Words

Our legal proofreading service for documents with word counts of between 2,000 and 4,500.

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4,500 - 9,500 Words

Our legal proofreading service for documents with word counts of between 4,500 and 9,500.

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If you would like us to proofread legal documents with word counts of 9,500 or more, please get in touch us.

How it Works

Select the appropriate proofreading service based on your document's word count, then place your order.

We will ask you to send us your document.

Receive your proofread and edited document within 5 days (or select our 24 or 6 Hour Express for faster completion).

What Type of Legal Documents Do We Proofread?

We proofread all types of legal documents, including contracts, pleadings, letters, memoranda, briefs, wills and deeds.

We also proofread academic legal documents, including assignments and reports.

What Do We Do?

Our legal proofreading service is comprehensive. We make sure every aspect of your document is up to scratch. As well as grammar, spelling and punctuation, we also work on document formatting, layout, presentation (if necessary).

As we proofread numerous legal documents on a daily basis, we have a strong knowledge of legal terminology and 'legal speak'. As such, our clients can use our services in the knowledge that we understand the content in their documents and can edit them appropriately.

Our legal proofreading process is as follows:

1. We receive your legal document.

2. We correct all errors that we come across. Errors we correct may include spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. We may also remove redundant words, tweak unintelligible sentences and rectify cases of incorrect tense.

3. We ensure your document is concise and formatted in a professional manner.

4. We highlight and comment on every change implemented in a duplicate ;tracked changes' version of your document.

5. We provide you with your new proofread and edited document, as well as your 'tracked changes' document, within five days.

Our Legal Knowledge

It's important that legal proofreaders understand legal terminology and 'legal speak'. If they don't, they may not be able to ensure your document makes complete sense.

While we are not legal professionals, we do proofread large numbers of legal documents every day. So we're experts when it comes to legal terminology and 'legal speak'.

When you use CV Nation's legal proofreading service, you can be certain that we understand your document's content and terminology.

Tracked Changes and In-Document Comments

When we have completed proofreading your work, we will provide you with two versions of your legal document. One will be the new version, with all errors rectified. The second version will be a 'tracked changes' document.

In the tracked changes version of your document, every change we have made will be highlighted and explained.

We do this because we value transparency. We believe it's important that you understand exactly what we have done and why we have done it.

How Long Does it Take?

Standard turnaround for our legal proofreading service is five days.

We offer 24-hour and 6-hour turnarounds at an additional cost. To ensure your document is proofread within 24 or 6 hours, purchase our '24-Hour Express' or our '6-Hour Express' in conjunction with the appropriate legal proofreading service.

Express Add-Ons

Do you need your legal document proofread within 24 or 6 hours? If so, order one of our express add-ons with your proofreading service.

Please note, the 24-Hour Express and 6-Hour Express are add-ons to be purchased in conjunction with one of our proofreading services.

24 Hour Express Add-On
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6 Hour Express Add-On
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