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10 Best Job Search Engines in the US

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Everything you need to know about the 10 best job search engines in the United States – backed up by research

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that enable job-seekers to search for job listings.

But choosing the right one is important.

The best job search engines offer listings that are up-to-date and verified while offering a seamless user experience and providing relevant results.

To help you select the best job search engine, we’ve sampled a long list of websites to identify the ones that we believe to be the best.

Having spent a good deal of time sampling these job search sites, we can now recommend 10 job search engines that we believe you should use for your job search.

What is a job search engine?

Before we get into the best job search engines, let’s make sure you know what they are.

Job search engines scour websites and aggregate job listings from across the web. Job search engines differ from job boards in that they gather job listings from multiple sources, whereas job boards only post job listings from specific recruiters.

Job search engines are similar to Google. You type in your search term, before being presented with results from a huge range of sources.

So now that we know what a job search engine is, let’s look at the 10 best job search engines.

Best job search engines

In this guide, we've detailed some of the job search engines that we believe are the best.

We visited these 10 job search engines and searched for 'customer service' jobs in Los Angeles, United States.

By searching for a specific job in a specific area on these sites, we were able to compare them in terms of the number of results, relevance and user experience.

1. LinkedIn

Most professionals are aware of LinkedIn’s effectiveness when it comes to networking, but it also offers a fantastic job search engine.

Not only does LinkedIn’s job search engine provide a huge number of job listings, but it also offers a brilliant user experience.

The job search process on LinkedIn is seamless and very easy to use.

LinkedIn Easy Apply

Many job listings on LinkedIn can be applied for with an ‘easy apply’ button. When you find a job you want to apply for, you simply click easy apply, fill in the relevant fields and then click submit.

Applying for jobs couldn't be easier.

You can filter the results to see only job posts that offer the ‘easy apply’ feature. There are also a wide range of other filters available to provide search results that are more relevant.

When we searched for 'customer service' jobs in Los Angeles, LinkedIn brought up 29,728 results.

The results were very relevant to our search term and location. Even when we skipped to page 40, we were still presented with customer service jobs that were no more than two weeks old.

Another great aspect of using LinkedIn’s job search engine is the fact that you can support your applications with an effective LinkedIn profile. When you apply for jobs on LinkedIn, recruiters may well check out your LinkedIn profile, so having a strong profile could really optimise your job applications.

To search for jobs on LinkedIn, simply click the ‘Jobs’ icon at the top of your profile.

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular job search engines, enabling job seekers to search for millions of jobs in the US and across the world.

The website also offers easy-to-use filters to provider users with a better job-search experience. Results can be filtered based on salary, job type, specific location etc.

When we searched for customer service jobs in Los Angeles, Indeed delivered 11,189 job listings. After searching through many pages of these results, we found the job listings to be very relevant.

Indeed job search filters

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search engine and employment website that claims to have 60 million unique monthly visitors and 12 million job listings.

One of the great benefits of Glassdoor is that you can read over 600,000 unique company reviews to get a feel of what working for the company is like.

You can also make use of numerous career resources, such as salary estimates and job interview question examples.

A search for customer service jobs in Los Angeles provided us with 7,593 listings, which were all relevant to our search.

Glassdoor also provides many good, easy to use filter options.

glassdoor job search

4. LinkUp

LinkUp is a data-driven job search engine. LinkUp indexes millions of job postings every day to bring the perfect jobs to its users.

With LinkUp, you can easily automate your job search and have job listings emailed to you on a regular basis.

Not only does LinkUp provide a fantastic user experience, it also delivers highly relevant search results.

When we sampled the LinkUp’s website and searched for customer service jobs in Los Angeles, the search engine delivered 7,593 results. We were impressed with the relevance of these results.

There is also a simple way of refining your search to include only job listings posted in the last seven days, which allowed use to eliminate less recent postings.

LinkUp job search

5. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a California-based job search engine that offers easy access to millions of job listings. The website is simple to use and there various filters to refine your job search.

On top of its job search engine, SimplyHired provides a number of valuable career tools. These include salary estimators and quality career advice.

At the top of each job listing, SimplyHired details the key information about each job, such as essential skills. As these are highlighted in coloured boxes, it allows jobseekers to quickly learn about the role and find out if it’s the right fit for them.

For example, take a look at the image below. A quick glance at the job posting shows that data entry and Microsoft Excel skills are of key importance to recruiters.

simply hired job search

When we searched for customer service jobs in Los Angeles, we were presented with 7,259 results.

We found the results to be very relevant. They were all related to customer service and they were all recent postings.

6. Monster

Monster is a popular job site that lets jobseekers to search for jobs all over the world. According to Monster, an average of 7,900 jobs are searched for on their website every minute.

The application process, which is usually done on Monster’s own website, is simple and stress-free. Monster also provides relevant filters, as well as the option to create job alerts.

When we searched for customer service jobs, we received 22,340 listings. 2,155 of these were posted within the previous seven days.

We continued to search through these customer service job listings, and they all seemed to be very relevant to the search term.

monster.com job search

7. Facebook Jobs

Facebook isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends. It also enables its users to search millions of jobs in the US and across the world.

Users can filter results based on industry, job type and location. You can also subscribe to be notified about new job listings.

Facebook didn’t tell us how many listings were available when we searched customer service jobs in Los Angeles. However, the results were all extremely relevant to customer service and they were all recent postings.

facebook job search

8. CareerBuilder

Founded in 1995, CareerBuilder is an employment website that connects job seekers with employers.

What makes CareerBuilder’s job search engine stand out from others is its advanced filters. Search results can be filtered based on requirements as specific as job commute times. You can also filter results to see only ‘work from home’ and ‘easy apply’ listings.

Additionally, Career Builder enables jobseekers to use its international jobs function. This lets US-based job seekers who are pursuing jobs abroad to search for listings in specific countries, including the UK, France, Greece and Vietnam.

When we searched for customer service roles in Los Angeles, Career Builder provided us with over 5,000 highly-relevant listings.

We found Career Builder’s job search engine to be very user-friendly and easy to use.

careerbuilder job search

9. ZipRecruiter

Based in California, ZipRecruiter is one of the world’s leading employment marketplaces, with an average of over nine million active job listings available every day.

The user experience of ZipRecruiter’s job search engine is second-to-none. It offers ‘easy apply’ options to optimise your job search, as well as keyword suggestions related to your initial search.

When we searched for customer service jobs on ZipRecruiter, we were presented with 45,004 jobs. The results were relevant in terms of the job and the location. The filter options, which enabled us to get very precise results, were also fantastic.

ziprecruiter job search

10. Ladders

Known as the $100k club, Ladders is a job search site for $100k+ jobs.

As the site is tailored to higher earning jobs, we were naturally presented with less search results when we searched for customer service jobs. This is actually a positive point, as it indicates that the results were extremely relevant. They were all customer service related and they all had salaries of $100k or higher.

ladders job search

We hope you have found this guide helpful in selecting the best job search engine for you. For further job search help and career advice, check out out career blog.

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