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20 Job Interview Questions and Answers for Graphic Designers

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The complete guide to job interview questions for graphic designers, with 20 common graphic designer job interview questions and answers.

When you’re pursuing graphic designer jobs, you’ll need to prepare yourself for job interviews. One of the best ways of doing that is to study the most common interview questions and preparing your answers in advance.

In this guide, we have listed 20 common graphic designer interview questions and example answers. Study our examples answers and job interview tips to give yourself a strong chance of acing your job interview.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Interviewers ask this question to get the interview started and learn about your background.

The best way to answer this question is to use your answer to show why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. You can do this by linking the value you provide as a graphic designer into your answer.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘I’ve been employed as a graphic designer for over nine years. During my career, I have created over 5,000 digital designs for clients in the UK. I love graphic design and regularly create designs in my spare time. I’m extremely proud of the fact that my web designs have increased online conversion rates by as much as 87%.’

2. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

The goal of this question is to help interviewers learn if you have done your research and if your values are aligned with those of the company.

Your answer to this question should show that you’re enthusiastic about the working for the company.

Make sure to do your research before attending the interview. If you take the time to learn about the company, you’ll be in a much better position to answer this question. Research may involve studying articles about the company, looking at their website and reading the job description.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘I want to work for Example Company because I am an admirer of the strides the organisation is making in the green energy sphere. I have been an advocate of green energy for many years, so it would be great to work for a company whose values I feel aligned with.’

3. What Makes an Effective Graphic Designer?

Interviewers ask this question to determine if you understand what it takes to be an effective graphic designer. They also ask this question to gain some insight into your skillset.

To learn about the key skills the interviewers are looking for in candidates, take a look at the job description for the role you’re interviewing for. This will help you answer this question.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘An effective graphic designer should have the creativity to develop engaging content that communicates the value of products. Graphic designers should also be able to analyse data related to their previous design campaigns to determine their success.

Translating concepts and requirements into illuminating designs is something that I have done for the past eight years. I’m also experienced at using data, not only to assess the effectiveness of previous campaigns but also to predict the impact of future campaigns.’

4. What Design Technologies are You Familiar With?

As a graphic designer, you will need to be familiar with a range of software programmes and technologies. Interviewers ask this question to ensure you have the technical skill required to execute design initiatives.

View the job description or job advert before your interview to learn which software and technologies the company has deemed as essential.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘I am proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. I am also adept with Sketch, GIMP, Affinity Designer and CorelDRAW Graphics.

As someone who is passionate about professional development, I am always eager to learn new skills. As such, I am confident that I can quickly get to grips with any graphic design technologies that your company uses.’

5. How Do You Get Inspired as a Graphic Designer?

Interviewers may ask questions about where you get you inspiration from for designs.

When answering this question, you have the opportunity to show your passion for graphic design. Touch on what motivates you and where you draw inspiration from. This may be your own imagination, things you see in your surroundings, artwork etc.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘I get inspired largely by my own imagination. When working on design projects, I envision how artwork and designs with look, which gives me inspiration to get to work on them. I am also inspired by things I see in my surroundings.’

6. What Are Your Strengths?

This question is designed to help interviewers determine if your key skills match the ones that they are looking for in candidates.

To give yourself the best chance of acing this question, view the job description for the role you’re interviewing for. By learning which skills the company has deemed as essential, you’ll be able to tailor your answer in line with your research.

View our guide to answering questions about strengths in your job interview.

Here is an example answer to this question:

'I am highly creative and capable of developing high-quality, engaging designs that create wonder with audiences. During my last role as graphic designer at Example Company, I created over 40 designs that were used in marketing campaigns. My designs contributed to significant improvements in click through rates and sales.

I also possess excellent communication skills. I always maintain strong channels of communication between internal departments and teams during design projects to improve efficiency and performance.'

7. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Interviewers ask questions about your weaknesses to see if you have the self-awareness to identify your shortcomings. They also want to know if you’re capable of improving on your weaknesses.

Avoid describing a weakness that would have a negative impact on your ability to perform your daily tasks as a graphic designer. For example, you wouldn’t want to highlight creativity as a weakness.

View our guide to answering questions about weaknesses in your job interview.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘One of my biggest weaknesses is public speaking. I sometimes feel uncomfortable communicating with large audiences. Although this hasn’t impacted me in my work as a graphic designer, it is something that I have taken steps to combat. I have recently joined a public speaking club, where I have been learning to speak to audiences with confidence.’

8. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This question helps interviewers learn about your goals and if you plan to stay with their company long-term.

If you’re not looking to stay with the company long term, it would be a good idea to avoid mentioning this.

Here is an example answer to this question:

'In five years, I would hope to have delivered multiple successful design projects for your company. I would also hope to have advanced to the role of senior graphic designer. One of the reasons I wanted to apply for this job was the opportunities for professional development, so I would like to think that my success in this role could be rewarded with promotion.'

9. Describe a Time you Handled Conflict in the Workplace

Interviewers ask this question to learn about your conflict resolution skills and your ability to deal with conflict in an appropriate manner.

Use the STAR method when answering this question. STAR is a methodology used to answer job interview questions by following a specific structure. With STAR, you start by describing the situation, followed by the task at hand, the action you took and the end result.

Here is an example answer to this question.

'When I was employed as a graphic designer at Example Company, I encountered conflict with a colleague who was working on a design project with me. We both wanted to use different design software to produce our artwork. To ensure the conflict didn’t escalate, I asked the senior graphic designer for her opinion. She told us which software we should use and then brought us both together to talk things through. I then cleared the air with my colleague to ensure that there were no hard feelings.’

10. Why Should We Employ You?

With this question, you have the chance to stand out from the competition. Instead of ‘why should we employ you’, think of this question as ‘what makes you unique’.

When answering this question, show your key skills and experiences, as well how you are aligned with the company’s values and culture.

Here is an example answer to this question:

‘After looking at the job description for this role, I believe I possess all the essential skills required to excel. I understand that you’re specifically looking for someone with FMCG experience. I’ve got over five years graphic design experience in the FMCG sphere. Designs I have produced during this period have been key to increasing conversion rates by as much as 67%.

I have also got three years’ experience in a managerial role. I am a naturally effective leader, with experience providing leadership to teams of up to four. During my time in leadership roles, I have consistently led teams to targets and helped them to reach their full potential.’

11. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Hiring managers ask this question to find out if your salary expectation matches their own.

At this stage of the interview process, avoid providing the interviewer with a specific number. Instead, give them a range, such as between thirty-five-thousand pounds and forty-five-thousand pounds. This will give you room for negotiation later if you need it.

12. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

At the end of job interviews, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Always respond by asking at least one question. Saying no may indicate that you have little interest in the job.

Questions that you could ask the interviewer include:

- What do people enjoy most about working at your company?

- Could you tell me about the opportunities for professional growth at your company?

- What career paths do you see for people who are employed in this role?

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