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Flight Attendant and Cabin Crew LinkedIn Summary Sample (+Writing Guide)

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LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking platforms for flight attendants and cabin crew professionals. With over 95% of recruiters using LinkedIn for recruitment purposes, LinkedIn users with a strong profile can open the door to exciting new job opportunities.

Along with the LinkedIn headline, the LinkedIn summary is the most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile when it comes to standing out and impressing prospective employers.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to prepare a powerful, effective LinkedIn summary that illustrates your value as a flight attendant. We’ll also introduce you to our unique formula for writing a high-class, compelling LinkedIn summary.

Flight Attendant LinkedIn Summary Sample

I’m a flight attendant with over 7 years’ experience in business class and first class environments. For the past four years I’ve been working with British Airways, supporting the delivery of service excellence during transatlantic flights.

During my time in this role, I have spent over 5,000 hours in the air, travelling to locations including Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico, California and New York. As many of our business class customers are regulars, I’ve developed an understanding of their preferences and built a rapport with them, which has enabled me to provide a tailored, more effective service.

Prior to becoming a flight attendant, I worked as a customer service manager in the sports clothing sector. I was responsible for managing customer complaints and ensuring customers’ experience with the company was a positive one. This customer service experience stood me in good stead to transition to cabin crew roles; I was able to utilise my customer service skills to improve passengers’ onboard experience and ensure they felt appreciated as customers.

In the future, I intend to continue to provide passengers with an excellent service as a business class flight attendant. If you’re interested in learning more about me or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message.

Specialities: Customer service, conflict resolution, first-aid, customer engagement, health & safety.

The LinkedIn Summary Formula

How to write a LinkedIn summary

Using CV Nation’s unique LinkedIn summary formula will help you prepare a strong summary that makes you stand out from the competition.

1. Tell the story of your career

2. Be authentic

3. Touch on your accomplishments and successes

4. Use numbers and data to bolster your profile

5. Articulate your Unique Value Proposition

6. Convey your key skills and experiences

7. Optimise your summary with keywords

8. End with a clear call to action

1. Tell the story of your career

By telling a compelling story about your career while providing insight into who you are as a professional, you’re much more likely to build connections with other LinkedIn users.

When telling the story of your career, there are numerous questions you can answer? How did you become a flight attendant? Did you work in customer-facing roles before becoming a flight attendant? What inspired you to pursue a career as a flight attendant?

This story-telling approach provides you with a much stronger chance of engaging with and capturing the attention of other LinkedIn users.

2. Be authentic

When it comes to LinkedIn, authenticity is key. In order to stand out among the millions of other LinkedIn users, it’s vital that your LinkedIn summary is unique.

This doesn’t mean you need to be the most unique person in the world. It simply means you need to spend time crafting a summary that is unique to you.

Avoid generic statements. Focus on what makes you stand out. Include unique content, such as a short introduction video or photos of your work.

As the role of flight attendant/cabin crew member is very much a customer-oriented one, it’s important to ensure your LinkedIn profile summary demonstrates your customer service acumen. One of the best ways to do this is to effectively engage with the reader, just as you would effectively engage with a customer. Use engaging language and ensure your writing is professional.

This will help to ensure you come across as a customer-oriented flight attendant.

3. Accomplishments and successes

One of the best ways of making your LinkedIn summary stand out is by showcasing your accomplishments. By showing potential employers how you have achieved success during your career, they will be able to envision you adding value to their company.

Flight attendants and cabin crew members' achievements are often related to customer service and efficiency.

Be concise and use bullet points to ensure the achievements stand out.

Here is an example:

- In 2020, I was featured in the airline’s in-flight magazine as part of the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ column, following praise from over 25 customers for customer service excellence.

4. Numbers and data

Quantifying your achievements with numbers and data is a great was of bolstering them and making your LinkedIn summary shine. Numbers and data back up your accomplishments and offer tangible evidence of your successes.

Take a look at the flight attendant LinkedIn summary example in this guide to see how we used numbers to make the individual’s achievements stand out.

5. Unique Value Proposition

Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is the unique quality or skillset that makes you stand out among the competition.

For flight attendants and cabin crew members, your Unique Value Proposition may be related to customer skills, communication or relationship building.

Why is it important for your LinkedIn profile’s summary to highlight your Unique Value Proposition?

Because it shows potential employers take notice of you.

Take a look at the flight attendant’s LinkedIn summary example in this guide. The individual’s unique value proposition is her customer experience management experience. Identify your UVP and ensure it comes across in your LinkedIn profile summary.

6. Key skills and experiences

Ensure your LinkedIn summary conveys your key experiences and skills. Do you have experience in customer-facing environments? Have you got first aid skills? These are the type of relevant skills and experiences that can be beneficial to touch on in your LinkedIn summary.

As covered in our flight attendant CV writing guide, key skills for flight attendants and cabin crew members include customer service acumen, teamwork and communication. To make your LinkedIn profile’s summary shine, try to show that you’ve mastered these skills.

7. Keywords

Keywords are a vital aspect of your LinkedIn summary when it comes to optimising your profile for search engines and LinkedIn’s internal search function. Keyword-optimised LinkedIn profiles have more chance of ranking highly in searches.

Studying job postings for flight attendant jobs is one of the best ways of identifying relevant keywords to include in your LinkedIn profile. This will help you understand the essential skills of the role, which may also be relevant keywords for your LinkedIn summary.

Pepper relevant keywords throughout your summary and include a ‘specialities’ section at the end to list your areas of expertise. This list of specialties will not only help LinkedIn users understand your skillset, but it can also help you rank for those keywords.

Relevant keywords for flight attendant’s LinkedIn summaries include:

- Customer service

- Customer engagement

- First aid

- Health & safety

- Conflict Resolution

- Cabin crew experience

8. Call to action

Bring your LinkedIn summary to a close with a clear call to action.

What is a call to action?

A call to action prompts the reader to take action. The action you want other LinkedIn users to take might be to send you an email or call you regarding job opportunities.

If you’re currently employed and don’t want your employer to know you’re looking for a new job, you may want to be vague with your call to action. If you’re in such a situation, simply state that you’re open to receiving messages from people who want to know more about you.

While building connections on LinkedIn should be a key aspect of your job search strategy, it’s also important to have a powerful CV to bring to open days and cabin crew interviews. Click here to take a look at our cabin crew CV samples and CV writing guide.

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